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Vintage Brass Wall Lamp, 1970s

Special vintage wall lamp from the 70's in desirable patinated brass.

The lamp is adjustable by the flexible 'gooseneck'.

Not marked, probably from Germany. Good quality, in good vintage condition.


Dimensions: Ø 21 cm - length from wall approximately 33 cm

€ 75,00

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Impressive Table Lamp by Doria Leuchten, 1970s

Wow! What a beautiful and stylish vintage table lamp from the renowned German lighting specialist Doria, often called Doria Leuchten.

A beautifully shaped chrome base with 3 E27 fittings, an acrylic shade with a metal ring underneath. In very good, original condition!

The company Doria won several IF-design awards during its existence. Founded in 1948 and unfortunately declared bankrupt in 1986.



H 40 x Ø 40 cm

€ 335,00

Old School Desk Lamp by Hala Zeist, 1970s

Hala desk lamp model 755 in a nice 'putty' color. Fully adjustable by the flexible gooseneck. With working switch on the base.

In very good condition without any noteworthy traces of use.


Ø 17 cm

H 30 cm

€ 90,00

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Temde Leuchten Desk Lamp, Germany 1970s

Rare desk lamp or clamping lamp from the German producer Temde-Leuchten, 1970s with flexible goose neck.

Very cool looking and functional attached to your desk, kitchen worktop, kitchen table and so on.

Temde-Leuchten received 31 IF design awards and went bankrupt in 1986.

Color: off white

Material: Synthetic hood, clamp and bending spring are made of metal.


Dimensions as seen on the pictures ( bended and clamped):

H 60 cm

W 50 cm


€ 120,00

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Table/ Floor Lamp by Cosack Leuchten, 1970s

Large and stylish design lamp from the 1970s, produced by the premium German light producer Cosack Leuchten.

Beautiful round glass globe on a chromed metal base. Heavy quality in original condition without any noteworthy traces of use.



Ø 30 cm - height 43 cm

€ 350,00

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Mushroom Lamp by Cosack Germany, 1970s

Large brass 'Mushroom' table lamp from the 1970s, produced by Cosack Germany.

Heavy brass base and top, acrylic shade brown outside and white inside. Two E27 sockets. Beautiful warm diffused light.

In very good condition with nice patinated brass.



Ø 40 cm

H 52 cm

€ 280,00

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Murano Glass Table Lamp, Italy 1970s

Adorable vintage table lamp in the style of Mazzega from the 1970s with a beautiful mouth blown Murano glass ball.

In very good condition!


H 22,5 cm - Ø 15 cm


Price p.p.: € 65,-

€ 65,00

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Chandelier Stilnovo, 1970s

Beautiful Stilnovo three arm chandelier with opaline glass globes. Together they create an even glow when illuminated. The height of the lamp is adjustable. The spiral cord is in good condition and fully functional. 

Overall in very good condition, no chips or cracks!



H 65 cm ( without the spiral cord)

W 39 cm

€ 270,00

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Dijkstra Brass Design Hang Lamp, 1970s

Beautiful large Dijkstra pendant lamp from the 70's in a brass color. This pendant lamp has a good working pendulum and can therefore be adjusted in height. In very good condition with light signs of wear.



Ø 43 cm

€ 125,00

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Brass Pendant Light by Lisa Pape for Orno Finland, 1960s

Stylish pendant lamp from the 60's, designed by Lisa Johansson-Pape for Orno, Finland.

Beautiful in all its simplicity. In very good condition.

Material: brass colored metal. 



Ø 16,5 cm x 24 cm

€ 95,00

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Postmodern 'Polyhedron' Light Sculpture Table Lamp, 1970s

Vintage postmodern geometric light sculpture/table lamp made out of five transparent polyhedron shaped glass balls on a chromed base.

Rare and highly decorative!



30 x 30 cm - height 27 cm

€ 225,00

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  • Levertijd: 1-3 dagen

Floorlamp 'Knubbling' by Anders Pehrson, 1970s

This large 'Knubbling' floor lamp was designed by Anders Pehrson in 1971 for Atelje Lyktan, Sweden.

It features a white lacquered metal base with an integrated switch and a perspex shade and diffuser. Fully working and in good vintage condition with some marks and age-related wear on the base, but no damages.


H 134 cm

Ø 55 cm 

€ 490,00

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Hala Desk Lamp by H. Busquet, 1935

Stylish Bauhaus adjustable desk lamp, model 144, designed by H.Th.J.A. Busquet in 1935 and produced by Hala Zeist.

Material: polished and nickel-plated aluminium. In good condition with very slight traces of use!



H 42 cm

Ø 30 cm

€ 140,00

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Sculptural Brutalist Floor/ Table Lamp, 1960s

Is there anything better than a huge gold glaze ceramic brutalist floor/ table lamp? This huge beautiful lamp is made of a ceramic body and finished in an antique gold finish. This ca 60 years old lamp is very rare and in an incredibly good condition. 



Total height 92 cm

Base H 49 x W 15 x D 15 cm

Shade: W 50 x D 35 x H 30 cm


€ 475,00

  • Available

Pendant by Jo Hammerborg for Fog & Mørup, 1960s

The Orient pendant was designed by Jo Hammerborg in the 1960s for Fog & Mørup, Denmark. In the Orient series this pendant is made in two different sizes, a big one called Major and a small one called Minor. This is the Major one.

This aluminium lamp is in excellent and complete vintage condition. This piece also contains the diffuser or louvre; integrated by Hammerborg to filter and soften the light.



Ø 38 cm

H 34 cm

€ 430,00

  • Available

Set Table Lamps by Max Sauze, France, 1970s

French modernist table lamps - model Uranus - designed by Max Sauze in the 1970s.

The aluminium lamellae forms a beautiful and ingenious, organic shaped fixture.

One E27 bulb hidden inside illuminate the fixture from the inside out, providing a refined, graphical and warm light to the surroundings.

Great set adding sophistication to any interior.

Both lights are in good condition with normal user marks.





16 x 16 cm - height 19 cm

€ 450,00

  • Available

Ceramic Floor Lamp, Doria Leuchten, 1970s

Cool vintage floor lamp from Doria Leuchten from the 70s, Germany.

Both ceramic foot and opal glass bulb have stood the test of time and are still fully intact, no damage.



H 74 cm

Ø 32 cm

€ 145,00

  • Available

Table Lamp by Egon Hillebrand for Hillebrand, 1960s

Large stylish table lamp with three E14 bulbs - Designed by Egon Hillebrand in Germany.

While this vintage table lamp is from the 1960`s, with the Brutalist ‘ice’ effect glass shade, the classical form is reminiscent of earlier Art Deco Lighting.

The quality clear glass shade is textured and the edge simulates a water/ice effect.

Aluminium base.

The lamp is equipped with a dimmer.



H 52 cm

Ø 48 cm


€ 280,00

  • Available

Brass Table Lamp, Hollywood Regency, Germany 1980s

Beautiful charming vintage German brass table lamp in Hollywood Regency style from the 80s with three opaline glass globes.

In very good original condition.



H 50 cm – Ø Globe 15 cm

€ 150,00

  • Available

Space Age Design Table Lamp, 1970s

Awesome large vintage table lamp made of orange ceramic, chromed metal parts and a white glass globe with a nice relief pattern, a bit in the style of Aloys Gangkofner. Most likely made in the late 1960s or 1970s.

In very good condition.



H 56 cm – Ø 26 cm

€ 175,00

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Guzzini Floor Lamp by Carlo Urbinati, Italy 1972

Very rare set of 2 floor lamps, model Galdino. The lamp was designed in 1972 by Carlo Urbinati for Guzzini, Italy.

The cast iron base provides the necessary stability and has a large footswitch. The tubular lampshade is made of aluminum and perforated with three stripes. Both the base and the shade are painted with a black textured lacquer. The lampshade is adjustable in height and can be turned in any direction.





Height 173 cm – Shade 33 x 10 cm

€ 450,00

  • Available

Floor Lamp Bumling, Ateljé Lyktan, Zweden 1968

Vintage Bumling floorlamp by Anders Pehrson for Ateljé Lyktan, Sweden 1968. 

Rare, double version with adjustable shades in dark brown with white lacquered inside. Original condition with working 3-way switch and of course traces of use and age. 

Today Bumling is a Swedish lightning and design classic!



H 130 x Ø 50 cm

€ 450,00

  • Available

Murano Chandelier, Paolo Venini style ‘70

Beautiful Murano teardrop chandelier in gilded metal and pink glass, circa 1970. Made in the style of Paolo Venini, but not signed. From the top 42 (! ) curved arms sprout up and over like a fountain. Every arm holds a roughly 16cm handblown glass teardrop in beautiful pink. In the middle are three lights bulbs (E14). Comes with original chain and canopy.



Height (without chain) 40 cm – Ø 35 cm

€ 375,00

  • Available

Brutalist Wall Lamp Chartres, Raak Amsterdam 1964

Stunning Wall Lamp, one of a kind!

Designed and made by Willem van Oyen for Raak Amsterdam, 1960s.

These large brutalist wall lamps were inspired by the stained glass windows of the famous Chartres Cathedral in France, also known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres, about 80 kilometres (50 mi) south-west of Paris.



H 30.5 cm x W 24 cm x D 11 cm


Willem van Oyen Senior had a small factory that produced these lamps for Raak Amsterdam, known as “BEVO glasindustrie“.

They are all handmade and therefore slightly different. The Bevo company still exist today and is now owned by his son, Willem van Oyen Junior.



€ 350,00

  • Available

Stilnovo Quarter Bell style, 1970s

Beautiful large 'Quarter Bell' wall lamp from the 1970s, in the style of Stilnovo.

The lamp can be used as an up or downlighter. Not marked, fully functional.



Ø 41.5 cm - height 25 cm

€ 180,00

  • Available

Floor Lamp by Cosack Germany, 1960s

This stylish floor lamp from the 1960s is elegant and minimalistic. The lamp is designed and produced by the German Cosack (Gebrüder Cosack). The beautiful spotlight is rotatable and adjustable in height.

Very good condition!



H x W x D 145 x 22 x 22 cm

€ 185,00

  • Available

Table Lamp ‘Jump Spring’ Guzzini attr, 1970s

Cool industrial table lamp from the 1970s in the style of Guzzini. Heavy cast iron base with chromed jump spring, flexible in all directions. In nice original condition with light wear due to age. The lamp is not marked.


Dimensions: Height 28,5 cm - Ø 9 cm

€ 95,00

  • Available

Brutalist Peill and Putzler Pendant Light, 1960s

Beautiful large 'brutalist' pendant lamp from Peill and Putzler, from the 1960s.

Materials burned copper and glass. Very good condition, no damage.



Height 28 cm - Ø 22 cm


This lamp in all forms and sizes are almost always attributed as Raak Amsterdam lamps, produced in the Netherlands and designed by Nanny Still-Mackinney. 

Unfortunately there is absolutely no proof for it. On the contrary, these lamps never appear in a catalog published by Raak, not even a lamp in this style. Also, you will never find such a lamp with a Raak label on it. When you do a search for them, numerous models appear.

All Raak and Nanny Still… strange indeed. 

By doing a lot of research we still can not proof whether it's a Nanny Still for Raak or a Peill and Putzler. But we are for 95% convinced this particulair design is from Peill and Putzler.


The technique used is invented in Murano, Italy. They call it caged glass. The glass is blown inside the copper while the copper is heated. It’s impossible to remove the glass afterwards.


€ 195,00

  • Available

Vintage Herda Tripod Floor Lamp ‘Grasshopper’ 1960s

Rare Herda tripod 'Grasshopper' floor lamp from the early series, 1960s.

Adjustable hood with two E14 light sources. Very nice original condition, few traces of use.



Height 170 cm - shade 23 x 17 cm

€ 550,00

  • Available

Table lamp Attr Jacques Biny, France, 1950s

Adorable vintage table lamp in the style of Jacques Biny, France 1950s.

Black lacquered hood, brass rod and Black marble base.

Stunning patina!

In good vintage condition and technically 100%.



H 27 cm

Marble base: 8.5 x 8.5 cm

Hood: Ø 10 cm



€ 125,00

  • Available

Floor lamp by Falkenbergs Belysning, Sweden 1950s

Beautiful Swedish floor lamp from the 1950s made by Falkenbergs Belysning. Heavy steel base with a red lampshade made from lacquered metal which can be arranged in different directions. The piece is in an original vintage condition and fully functional.
This vintage item is not damaged, but may show minor signs of age-related wear, age-related patina.


Adjustable Height: 120 cm - 140 cm

Ø shade 19 cm




€ 560,00

  • Available

Hang Lamp by Stilux Milano, 1950s

Stunning large and rare acrylic 1950s ceiling pendant light produced by Stilux Milano. 

This spectacular light comprises two different shades, an outer concave Plexiglas shade in clear amber and an inner acrylic diffuser shade in opaque white. Together they create something wonderful! The height is adjustable, the lamp could be moved up and down using the chrome handle.


The pendant is preserved in a good condition with little signs of age and use. The spiral cord is in good condition and fully functional.



Ø 56 cm | Height total 100-140 cm l Height hood 50 cm

€ 350,00

  • Available

Large Harvey Guzzini Ceiling Lamp, Italië 1970s

Very big, iconic pendant light from the 1970s, designed and produced by Harvey Guzzini, Italy.
With original chromed ceiling cap, labelled. In excellent vintage condition.

Dimensions: Ø 50 cm, height of the cap 21 cm, cabel length 120 cm

€ 260,00

  • Available

Fog & Mørup Vintage Danish Design by Jo Hammerborg 1960s



Rare and impressive vintage 'Diabolo' floor lamp by Jo Hammerborg for Fog & Mørup.

Very nice Danish design from the '60s.

The lamp is adjustable in height and the 'diabolo' hood can point in any direction. Equipped with two light sources (E27 fitting).

The lamp is in a beautiful original condition with slight traces of use appropriate to the age.




H 125-185 cm, Ø 26 cm, length hood 45 cm

€ 750,00

  • Available

Set of 2 Mazzega Wall Lamps by Carlo Nason, Italy '70

A set of two very stylish wall lamps from the 70's designed by Carlo Nason for Mazzega, Italy. Shaped with hand blown 'paste' Murano glass in a chromed housing. Excellent condition without any noteworthy traces of use.

Both lamps are equipped with two E27 sockets with new LED ball lamps. 




W 30 cm | H 12 cm

€ 580,00

  • Available

Hala Zeist desk lamp Busquet, 1970s

Nice metal vintage desk lamp from HALA Zeist from the 70s. Beautiful adjustable 'neck', color white. Completely in original condition, few traces of use. The lamp is marked.



H 55 cm | Ø hood 20 cm 

€ 95,00

  • Available

Italian Floorlamp by Targetti Sankey, 1970S


Rare Italian floor lamp Targetti Sankey, 1970s.

In 1975 Targetti started with the Altalite campaign and that lasted till 1979. In that time they have worked with a few different designers. Its hard to find out who designed this lamp because its a really rare one to find but never the less its still a beauty. The lamp is in a really good condition and has minor signs of use. Technically 100%



H 185 cm


Ø 40 cm

€ 350,00

  • Available

Murano Chandelier by A.V. Mazzega, 1970s


Great and elegant vintage chandelier by Italian designer Mazzega, featuring his signature white to amber artistic handblown glass globes. Five Murano glass balls situated on a tubular chrome base and connected with wooden rings on a long chrome pole. Pretty soft light, very beautiful decorative effect. Excellent vintage condition with original chain and ceiling cap, no chips, cracks or bruises.



H 34 cm

Ø 54 cm


€ 295,00

  • Available

West Germany Pottery Floorlamp by Walter Gerhards, 1960s

This is a lovely, stylish vintage floorlamp with a very funky look.

Designed by Walter Gerhards in West Germany. 

It has shades of orange, lime green, brown and grey within the glaze.

All in good condition. Fully working, with a bulb in the base as well as top.



H 130 cm

Ø 38 cm 

€ 100,00

  • Available

Opaline Glass Floor Lamp,Original Shade, 1950s

Expressive Large Vintage Floor Lamp from France. Very nice Brass base combined with Opaline Glass. One light in the glass bottom and one light under the shade. Original version with original shade, original wiring and original three-way switch.

Beautiful lighting effect.


H 139 cm

Ø 39 cm


€ 550,00

  • Available

Floorlamp by Hans Agne Jakobsson AB Markaryd 1960s

Industrial floor lamp from the 60's, nice example of vintage Scandinavian design. The design is by Hans-Agne Jakobsson, produced by AB Markaryd Sweden.

The large spot can be adjusted in every possible way and is equipped with an original (working) switch. Beautiful vintage condition!

Color: dark green



H 113 cm | Ø 53 cm



€ 275,00

  • Available

Herda Floor Lamp Diabolo, Dutch Design, 1970s

Very Rare Adjustable Rod Floor lamp with Diabolo shade from Dutch manufacturer Herda (Amsterdam). Nice Dutch design in the manner of Stilnovo. The lamp has it’s original lacquered shade, with two E14 sockets. The black base is made of cast iron.


The lamp is adjustable in many different positions. The height is 137 cm high, the wide approximately 60 cm. The diameter of the shade is 16,5 cm. The lamp is in good condition with some minor signs of use appropriate to age. Marked on the bottom.


This will be a centerpiece of attention in any home or interior. 


€ 390,00

  • Available

Industrial Egon Hillebrand Desk Lamp, 1970S

Cool, industrial 70s desk lamp by Egon Hillebrand Werke from Germany.

The shade is adjustable / rotatable and the large pressure switch on the cast iron base still works. E27 fitting.

The lamp is in a very nice, original vintage condition with slight traces of use.



Height 50 cm | Ø 20 cm

€ 95,00

  • Available