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Mirror by Floris Fiedeldij for Artimeta, 1950s

Charming fifties back-lit mirror, designed by Floris Fiedeldij for Dutch company Artimeta. Made of a circular perforated gold metal frame holding a mirror inside. Behind the round mirror 3 bulbs (E14) are hidden, which radiate light through the perforated metal. Beautiful lightning effect, very decorative Dutch Design!

Great original condition, three new modern LED bulbs are included.



Ø 44 cm | Depth 7 cm

€ 460,00

  • Available

Mirror by Benno Premsela for Spectrum, 1956

Mid-century mirror 'Benno', designed by Benno Premsela for Spectrum in 1956. A simple but ingenious design, after almost 70 years a genuine design icon. The Benno mirror consists of a beech plywood circle with a diameter of 50 cm. Through the slot at the top, the square mirror is slid into the frame. In nice original condition with small traces of use not worth mentioning.



Ø 50 x D 7 cm

€ 170,00

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Kartell Clothes Hooks by Olaf Bohr, 1970s

Set of three design wall clothes hooks (Gancio) in the rare color red, designed by Olaf Bohr for Kartell, Italy 1970s. Collectors item!

The hook is made of three parts in plastic and the installation is incredibly easy. Once the base plate is securely fastened, the hook itself slips into place and snaps over the base, and a threaded peg screws in and attaches the entire assembly. In excellent condition!

The wall clothes hook (model 4702) is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York (MoMa).



Ø 10.8cm x 6.7cm

€ 180,00

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Original Magazine Rack model 4675, designed by Giotto Stoppino for Kartell, Italy 1972.

First production with 6 compartments and in the middle a round opening that functions as a handle. The small version with 4 compartments, model number 4676, was taken back into production at the turn of the century and is still available today.

This large version is a collectors item!

In good condition, no damages.



H 45 x W 40 x D 26 cm

€ 0,00

Brabantia Magazine Holder, 1960s

Vintage magazine holder made by Dutch company Brabantia in the 1960s. It features a chromed metal frame with a black saddle leather holder and black lacquered wooden handles.

In very good condition with beautiful signs of age.



H 35 x W 39 x D 22 cm

€ 210,00

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Stylish vintage chrome coat rack from the 1970s with rotating head, from France. Because of the wide base very stable. In beautiful vintage condition with slight tarnish due to age and a little bit of chrome loss on the foot.



H 173 x Ø 50 cm

€ 0,00

Coat Rack by Roberto Lucci & Paolo Orlandini for Velca, Italy 1968

Vintage freestanding coat rack with umbrella stand model 'VIP', designed by Roberto Lucci & Paolo Orlandini for Velca Italy, 1968. Executed in moulded anti-static yellow Cycolac and chromed metal on a weighted base for extra stability. The rack can be dismantled for transport. In very good condition.



H 160 x Ø 45 cm

€ 270,00

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SOLD (located Amsterdam)

Two-piece wall-mounted coat rack with chest of drawers from the 70s in Space Age design, very rare and special!

The upper part has 4 coat hooks, a rod and a hat shelf.

The lower part is a cabinet with two beautifully shaped drawers in Raymond Loewy style.

Both parts are square, 50 x 50 cm.

Made of ABS plastic (Resin).

In good vintage condition with small traces of use.

€ 0,00

SOLD ( located Milano, Italy)

Very beautiful and large Flemish pottery "Art Nouveau - Jugendstil " cachepot on pedestal.

The whole is still in a very good condition.... However,  a craquelure is visible (caused by age).

Stamped 'Made in Belgium'

Approx. 1910, Belgium



Total height: 114 cm

Height Pedestal: ca 83 cm, Ø 28 cm

Height Cachepot: ca 31 cm, Ø 38 cm


€ 0,00

Taxidermy Crocodile, 1920-1930

A superb early, taxidermy juvenile crocodile/caiman from the early 20th century with a well modelled realistic stance.

Hand stitched on the underside, straw form, wooden eyes.

A true Victorian specimen of great size.

This is in very good condition overall ( minor losses to the feet and the tip of the tail).

ca. 1920-1930

It measures 90 cm from nose to tail, width 19 cm and 10 cm high.

€ 170,00

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Curch Candle Holder, 1920s

Tall antique altar candlestick or torchiere made of massive copper.



H 70 cm

Ø 29 cm

€ 95,00

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SOLD ( located Austria)

Collectors Item!

Set of three design wall clothes hooks ( Gancio) in the rare color bottle green, designed by Olaf von Bohr for Kartell, Italy 1970s 

The 4702 wall clothes hook is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa), New York. 

The hook is made of three parts in plastic and installation is incredibly easy.  Once the base plate is securely fastened, the hook itself slips into place and snaps over the base, and a threaded peg screws in and attaches the entire assembly.

In excellent condition!



Ø 10.8cm x 10.8cm

D 6.7cm

€ 0,00

Terracotta Wall Art, Hendrik Oldenhof, 1970s


Beautifully glazed terracotta artwork by Hendrik Oldenhof from the seventies.

Inspired by oriental art.

This colorful wall art is signed " Hendrik Oldenhof 8-8-79" and comes with the original handmade wooden box.



60 x 28 cm

€ 225,00

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Large Symbolic Wooden Bust, West Africa, early 20th century

Large heavy solid wooden bust richly decorated and with fine details. 

Throughout Africa the cowrie shell symbolized the power of destiny and prosperity.

Unique colorful statue for the collector of ancient African ethnographic art.


Materials: Solid wood,  Copper, colored African beads and the cowrie shell.

In good condition, with minor signs of wear. 

Origin, West Africa 



H 115 cm

W 32 cm 

Weight ca 12 kilos. 

€ 300,00

  • Available

Life Size Vintage Bronze Bulldog, 1970s

Perfect patinated bronze Bulldog statue. Very heavy ( 20 kg) and large!



60 x 50 x 30 cm



€ 450,00

  • Available

Large Decorative Leaf, France 1970s

Very pretty decorative ceramic leaf from France, 1970s



L 33.5 cm

W 23 cm

H 7 cm

€ 35,00

  • Available

Impressive Ceramic Large Bison Ox Figurine, 1960s

Stunning ceramic Bison from the '60s in perfect condition!




H 22 cm

L 36 cm

W 11 cm


€ 135,00

  • Available

Glass Art by Elin Oehlers, Denmark 1970s

Beautiful vintage glass bowl by the Danish designer Elin Oehlers in very nice condition.



H3 x W23 x D36cm

€ 32,00

  • Available


Very large impressive metal wall sculpture by the Danish artist Henrik Horst. 

Born in 1942 and active in the 1970s producing various metal wall sculptures with different metallic finishes. 




W 45 cm

L 125 cm

€ 0,00

Large Ceramic Wall Plate, 1970s

Beautiful peacock tall wall plate from the '70s ( West Germany )

Expressive and colorful wallplate in bright glossy orange / Olive green and yellow glaze, and brown slipglaze lava glaze.


Ø: 44 cm

€ 75,00

  • Available

Set Of 2 Brutalist Mixed Metal Wall Decoration

Wall Hanging Metal Art is a nice accent in most all Homes, Office or Commerical applications.

3D wall hanging sculpture adds to any decor and brings out the highlights of any room or office.

The texture on the surface has a very nice matte finish and warm patina colors.


Price is for the set.



51 x 33 x 8 cm

€ 175,00

  • Available

Magazine Holder, attr Mathieu Mategot, 1960s


The use of red perforated metal and the zig zag structure of the holder are typical 1960s hallmarks of the designs of Tjerk Reijenga and Mathieu Mategot, though the design of this quite heavy, full metal made magazine holder isn't traceble.  Great condition.



H 44.5 cm x D 36 cm x W 50 cm  

€ 95,00

  • Available

Very Large Brutalist Floor Vase, Scheurich Ceramics, 1970s


Cool Brutalist floor vase from Scheurich Keramiek, West Germany, 1970s. Beautiful matt light brown base and cobalt blue glazed 'bricks'.

Unique copy!

Perfect condition!

Form number: 284-53



H 53 cm


Ø 23 cm

€ 225,00

  • Available

Large Jema Holland Basset Hound, 1960s


Large Jema Basset Hound from the Dutch ceramics producer Jema Holland (since 1955). The dog is not marked, but unmistakable.

In perfect condition.



H 38 cm

L 46 cm 

€ 195,00

  • Available

Extra Large Vintage Bay floor vase, West Germany, 1970s



You should see this floor vase in the flesh! What a beautiful object! Warm earth tones with deep red glaze. Made by ceramics producer Bay, in West Germany, 1960s. Excellent condition!

Form number: 286-51



H 51 cm


Ø 33 cm

€ 225,00

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Set Scheurich vloervazen, West Germany, 1970s


Very nice set of two Scheurich vases. Beautiful rustic basic color of taupe / gray with glazed edges of orange / red and yellow.

Form numbers:

528/26 and 522/50



Large vase: H 50 cm Ø 30 cm

Small vase: H 26 cm Ø 20 cm

€ 145,00

  • Available

Large Bay floor vase, West-Germany, 1960s


Fantasic floor vase from the West German Ceramics producer Bay, 1960s.

In perfect condition, beautiful colors, handmade.

Excellent condition!

Form number: 74-50



H 50 cm

Ø 26 cm

€ 195,00

  • Available

Very large Belly Vase/ Jar by Carstens Tönnieshoff, 1970s


Impressive eye-catcher due to its color and size! Beautiful rare Carstens Tonnieshof ceramic Design Jug vase, with carved thick lava edge, West Germany 1970.

In perfect condition!

One of a Kind!!

Formnumber 6010-45



H 45 cm

Ø 43 cm

€ 275,00

  • Available