An authentic Vintage rug is at least 30 years old.

Is the carpet 100 years of age or older, then we speak of an antique carpet.


Our vintage and antique rugs are hand-knotted and at least 30 years old. The wear and tear is part of the natural aging process and makes the character of the carpet. 

These works of art fit perfectly into the modern western interiors.

Each rug is unique, there is only one of each available. Below you can view the rugs that we currently have in stock. 

Our rugs are guaranteed hand knotted and come with a certificate of authenticity.


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This is a handwoven kilim rug from Afghanistan, 1960s. This kilim is handmade with organic raw materials, only natural dyes and hand spun wool. This creates a beautiful yet sustainable product with no two kilms ever being the same. 

100% hand spun wool.



250 x 150 cm

€ 0,00

Kazak Rug, Caucasus, 310 x 200 cm, Early 20th century.

Beautiful rare hand-knotted very old Kazak carpet from the Caucasus, Russia.

A true collectors item!



310 x 200 cm


€ 585,00

  • Available

Persian Rose Kilim 'Senneh', 150 x 108 cm

Persian Senneh Kilim ( 1930-1940) with allover rose design on an ivory ground. Excellent furnishing Kilim with superb colors. The Kilim is made with very fine lamb’s wool on cotton foundation.

Hand washed and is ready for use or display.

The kilim is suitable for normal domestic use.



150 x 108 cm

€ 195,00

  • Available

Rare Sumakh Kilim, Persia, 320 x 204 cm

Very rare, unique & spectacular Persian Sumakh Kilim, 1930-1940.

Sumakh technique hand-handwoven kilim with natural dyes & 100% wool on cotton.

Comes with certificate of authenticity.  

€ 560,00

  • Available

Hamadan Runner, Persia, 302 x 80 cm

Striking hand knotted geometric tribal runner from the Khamseh area, northern Hamadan region.

Gorgeous bright colors, very minor wear. The 100% wool pile is fairly thick. The warp is natural cotton.

Many rugs in the northern Hamadan area are woven by Kurdish weavers, and this is possibly true for this bold village rug. 

good overall condition. 

Period: 1940-1960s



302 x 80 cm

€ 430,00

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Shiraz Kilim Runner, Persia 288 x 83 cm


This rare Persian Shiraz Kilim rug is outstanding value!

The colors are wonderful having been expertly selected by it’s weaver. The black & whtite main border shade is especially attractive, and is highly compatible with modern color schemes. 

This Shiraz Kilim consists of hand-spun wool and is a handmade flat-weave, i.e. a rug without pile in the early 20th century.  The weft colored weft woolen threads are woven in graphic flowers which creates the pattern.

One of the many benefits of this type of kilim is that because of the way it is constructed it is the same on both sides, meaning that it can be used either way up.


Pile, warp and weft 100% wool.


Comes with a certificate of authencity. 


288 x 83 cm


For use on a hard floor (wood, tiles, etc) or on carpet Underlay is recommended to prevent slippage.


€ 395,00

  • Available

Vintage Carpet Milas, Turkey, 280 x 185


This authentic Turkish rug from the fifties has a special pattern, certainly not standard. Three geometric central medallions with stars and arrows. Very nice pastel shades and the right coveted wear! A centerpiece you won't get enough of!

Heavy vintage rug of 100% wool, both the warp, the weft and the pile! 

Weight approx 20 kilo!

280 x 185 cm

€ 475,00

  • Available

Geometric Shiraz Nomad Rug, Persia, 118 x 162 cm



This vintage rug is hand knotted by the Persian nomadic and pastoral tribe of the Fars Province in Iran, 1950s.

Warp, weft and pile 100% wool.

In good vintage condition. Low pile here and there.

Comes with certificate of authenticity.



118 x 162 cm 

€ 150,00

  • Available
  • Levertijd: 1-3 dagen

Turkish Sparta Rug, 125 x 210 cm



Imagine you can hop on and fly away on this typical Oriental rug! Fabulous floral borders and Oriental patterns in mysterious colors.

The carpet is hand knotted in approx 1970 in delightful wool.

The carpet remains in good vintage condition with a little short pile here and there.

Comes with certificate of authenticity. 



125 x 210 cm



€ 175,00

  • Available
  • Levertijd: 1-3 dagen

Indo Heriz, India 200 x 290 cm


Amazing colors, graphic design and in excellent condition despite its age! Hand knotted, 100% wool.

With certificate of authenticity. 

First quarter 20th century (1900-1945)

Pile: Cork wool

Warp and weft: cotton




200 x 290 cm

€ 275,00

  • Available
  • Levertijd: 1-3 dagen

Berber Fields Rug, Morocco 207 x 300 cm

This handmade carpet is unique in its design, beauty and colour harmony and therefore 

a work of art in itself. 

Fine soft thick wool, good vintage condition.

Professional cleaned.


Province: Berber 

Made in Morocco 

New wool, around 1970 

Approx. 250,000 knots per square metre 

Carpet dimensions: 207 x 300 cm 

Including certificate of authenticity 

€ 650,00

  • Available

Indonesian Bidjar, 125 x 185 cm


Hand knotted Bidjar rug from India, made from sustainable, natural materials. The way of knotting and diversity in patterns make this rug unique and emphasize the authentic and traditional character. Wool on wool.

Approx 1960

Pile, warp and weft: Wool

ca. 120.000 knots per square meter


With certificate of authenticity.  



185 x 125 cm 

€ 95,00

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  • Levertijd: 1-3 dagen